The following repositories are mirrored here:

[FTP] [HTTP] /pub/cpan
CPAN is the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network, a collection of widely used Perl modules.

[FTP] [HTTP] /pub/centos
CentOS Linux for i386 and x86_64.

[FTP] [HTTP] /pub/gnu
The GNU software repository.

[FTP] [HTTP] /pub/internet-drafts
The internet-drafts collection... documents which propose or talk about the standards around which the Internet is based, but haven't yet been formalized enough to be considered an RFC.

[FTP] [HTTP] /pub/linux
The Linux kernel.

[FTP] [HTTP] /pub/redhat-archive
RPM repositories for RedHat 7.3, 8.0, and 9, archive of material mirrored directly from RedHat's servers.

[FTP] [HTTP] /pub/rfc
The RFC collection, the documents which propose or define the standards upon which the operation of the Internet is based.

In addition, the /pub directory contains files which are updated by the scripts which retrieve the content from the master servers. If you see an "active.name" file, that repository is currently being updated from the master servers, and the timestamp on the file is when the machine started the update process. If you see an "updated.name" file, the timestamp on the file is when the last update process finished for that repository.

These repositories are available via FTP. For now they are also available via HTTP as well, however we encourage you to use FTP instead, as this uses less CPU and memory resources on the server, allowing it to service more clients. If the load becomes too high, we may remove HTTP access from the world at large, so please use FTP if you can.